2400 devlogs

Whenever I add a new game to the 2400 series, I write up a devlog over on the Itch.io page. These started as pretty brief changelogs, but over time, I got into more detail about the design process behind them, and how to blend them with other 2400 modules. And — somewhat to my surprise — the wordier I got, the more people got in touch to tell me how helpful they were.

It occurs to me that these are basically blog posts, and DriveThruRPG buyers might never see them if I only put them on Itch, so I might as well start posting them here, too. I expect to expand upon (or just completely rewrite) the earlier devlogs, while I’m at it, in case it’s helpful to hear more about where those games came from, too.

Some of these 2400 games are old enough that it might be more appropriate at this point to call these “postmortems.” I’m going to stick to calling them devlogs, though, because I still periodically update newer 2400 games with what I learn from designing, running, and getting feedback on newer games. Plus, I won’t really think of 2400 as “done” until I finish all the games I have in mind for it and put together a book … someday.

Here’s a link to each devlog:

Inner System Blues
Cosmic Highway
Project Ikaros
Orbital Decay
Tempus Diducit
The Venusian Job
Data Loss
Habs & Gardens
Battle Moon
Emergency Rules
The 24XX SRD

Featured image CC BY Beeple (Mike Winkelmann).

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