GRAVE, EXHUMED, and SEARCHERS OF LOST SOULS are dark fantasy RPGs featuring deathless heroes awakening to ruined worlds. They offer three takes on the “soulslike” genre, each drawing on a different approach to “Old School Renaissance” rules. Built on Knave, Into the Odd, In the Light of a Ghost Star, and Searchers of the Unknown.

HALOS & HELLFIRE is a free, 2-page RPG about the modern-day war between Heaven and Hell. Built on Lasers & Feelings and Sorcerers & Sellswords, and inspired by In Nomine.

ODD LUCK CHARMS (early beta) is a free, 4-page long, poker-card-based RPG about a briefcase that reveals a fresh plate of pasta, every time (among other things). Inspired by The Lost Room and Warehouse 13.