20 supernatural backlash effects

Awhile back, I ran a playtest of Halos & Hellfire, a hack of Lasers & Feelings I designed to run urban fantasy adventures of angels and demons inspired by In Nomine. I used the magic system from Sorcerers & Sellswords, which effectively allows you to produce any supernatural effect thematically appropriate to your background, but when you succeed at a cost, you break reality somehow. I made some sample “backlash effects” in case I needed any in my session (and found some more good ones at Elfmaids and Octopi). Then I used none because my players are extremely good at bending the laws of reality. Sooner or later, though, I’m going to run another fantasy game where this will be necessary, so I figured I might as well salvage the list from G+. Give me a holler in the comments if you have other suggestions I should bookmark for later, or ideas for how to break reality yourself.

  1. Animals yowl and hiss at your approach, recoiling from you.
  2. You emanate a strong floral scent and cause plants to bloom.
  3. Unearthly bells toll in the distance.
  4. Your shadow moves independently, turning to look at others.
  5. Nearby plants suddenly wilt, brown and dead.
  6. A light shower of red water—blood?—rains from the sky.
  7. Your pupiless eyes glint like polished silver.
  8. Random bricks slide from walls, hover briefly, then drop.
  9. You glow with a bright, golden aura.
  10. Statues slowly contort themselves into new shapes.
  11. Your voice cracks like thunder, easily audible within a mile.
  12. With each word you speak, a frog crawls from your mouth.
  13. All nearby feel as if underwater—moving slowly, hair floating, cold.
  14. A lightning bolt slowly crawls down from the sky toward you.
  15. A loud, rushing wind begins sucking into a fissure in space.
  16. Birds stare at you as you pass, briefly uttering your name.
  17. The ground around you takes on the consistency of quicksand.
  18. You grow a golden, scaly tail.
  19. Everything metal within a few yards instantly melts.
  20. Any mundane clothing on your person collapses into rose petals.

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