Hi, I’m Jason, and I can’t shut up about games.

Previously, I couldn’t shut up about games at work because I worked in the video game industry. After awhile of that, I decided I liked games just fine as a hobby, but still couldn’t shut up about games on Google+. Since Google announced they’d be sunsetting that service, I had to come up with some other place to fail to shut up about games. No other social media site is doing quite the same thing that Google+ was doing (or else they’d probably be shutting down too, I suppose), and I also happen to need a place to put my games so others can find them and play them. A website with a blog seemed like the most viable alternative. And of the blogging options, WordPress seemed like the best bet—a company whose bread and butter is blogs, so I don’t have to worry about them shutting the lights off anytime soon. Bonus points for hosting pretty inexpensively, as I’ve had too many of my own WordPress blogs hacked and announcing to the world that I sell inexpensive pharmaceuticals. I do not sell pharmaceuticals at all. Sorry.

This blog will probably be at least 50% idle musings about hobbyist tabletop RPG projects, another 25% not-so-idle musings, with stuff you can actually use or I can actually publish, and another 25% mystery meat. I’m hoping to write a bit about some board game and video game projects in that last quarter. I’ll try to get the most unformed thoughts out on Dice Camp or Twitter, and save the good stuff for you, dear reader. And as long as your definition of “good” means obsessing over nerdy stuff with a heaping dose of impostor syndrome, then my friends, I have got you covered.

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