Lessons from playtesting once in a blue (super wolf blood) moon

When I last wrote about playtesting Exhumed, I lamented that it seemed impossible to deliver a fun experience to my friends and whip my rules into shape. I had been trying to test so many different mechanics across so many sessions that each session was getting bogged down with the fallout of experimental fixes that … Continue reading Lessons from playtesting once in a blue (super wolf blood) moon

Resleeving Eclipse Phase

Eclipse Phase is one of my absolute favorite RPG settings. Humanity is now transhumanity—functionally immortal thanks to regular backups, and inclusive of digital consciousnesses and uplifted animals—but our unchecked advancement lost us the Earth and scatterd the survivors across the solar system. The setting is both deep and broad enough to support campaigns based around political … Continue reading Resleeving Eclipse Phase

Decyphering Numenera & The Strange

There's a lot I like about Monte Cook Games' Numenera and The Strange RPGs: bizarre science-fantasy settings, evocative art, high-concept character construction, random tables with inspiring items and backgrounds, and rules to encourage continually cycling through shockingly powerful single-use items. It's a combination that ensures plenty of surprises for everyone at the table, GM included, and the sessions I've … Continue reading Decyphering Numenera & The Strange